Mother To Be

REN Mamma Massage

Deeply relaxing full body massage to reduce common maternity stress by stimulating circulation, lightening legs and reducing lower body water retention. We use soft but effective pre-natal techniques to relax the whole body including that beautiful bump!

60 Minutes (£60)

Mamma REN Radiance Facial

This facial is tailored to your skin needs during pregnancy – includes relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.

30 Minutes (£30), 60 Minutes (£60)

Mamma Rescue Foot Remedy

Helps alleviate swollen and tired feet, ankles and legs.

30 Minutes (£30)

Mother-To-Be Pamper Package

3 Treatments (£80) – choose 3 from any of the following 30 minute treatments:

  1. Mamma Radiance Facial
  2. Mamma Rescue Foot Remedy
  3. REN ‘Head in the Clouds’ – head, neck and shoulder massage
  4. Back and shoulder massage

Mother-To-Be Prep Package

Choose 2 Treatments (£40), 5 Treatments (£90):

  1. Bikini Wax
  2. Half Leg Wax
  3. Eye Brow Shape and Tint / Lash Tint
  4. Speedy Manicure
  5. Speedy Pedicure

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