Beauty Treatments

Eye Brow Shape – Threading (£10)

A professional eye brow shape is the easiest mini ‘face lift’ to be had! We have found that Threading gives the most accurate and well defined brow shape with minimum stress to the very sensitive skin around the eyes.

Tinting – (Patch test required pre treatment)

  1. Brow Tint – to enhance your brows (£10)
  2. Lash Tint – for lash definition/colour (£15)
  3. Brow and Lash Tint (£20)

Luscious Lash Lift

A new and natural lash enhancement technique that gives an immediate look of longer, thicker lashes without extensions – low maintenance, long lasting and very effective. Making the most of your own lashes, we straighten from the root of the lash, then curl and tint producing luscious, full lashes that last. (Patch test is required) 1 hour treatment (£45)

Facial Hair Removal (Wax/Thread)

  1. Full Face (including brows) (£25)
  2. Upper Lip (£5), Lower Lip (£5)
  3. Chin (£5), Forehead (£5)
  4. Sides (£10)

Mii Brows

A bespoke eyebrow treatment for perfect brows. A thorough consultation on shape, tint shade and desired look with one of our Brow by Mii therapists, is followed by tinting, shaping (thread/wax) and finishing with our professional Mii Brow products. Mii products may also be purchased for easy use at home. (£25)

Hopi Ear Candling and Targeted Facial Massage

A wonderfully soothing and healing treatment for those suffering with ear/sinus discomfort. This treatment can rebalance and relieve pressure in the ear. Beneficial to those who suffer with ear wax blocking, migraines, pre and post flying discomfort. Ears are massaged throughout the candling process to enhance effects and is followed by a targeted facial massage to further alleviate sinus discomfort. 45 minutes (£40)

“Wax and the City” (No more strips! Even ‘Samantha’ would be impressed!)

For fast, accurate hair removal from delicate areas of the body our trained therapists use the famous Perron Rigot Hot Wax. Oil is applied first so that the wax only adheres to the hair – a far less painful experience with great results.

  1. High Bikini (£20)
  2. Brazilian/Hollywood (Allow 40 minutes) (£35)
  3. Underarm (£10)
  4. Half Leg (£18) Full Leg (£28)
  5. Half Arm (£15) Full Arm (£25)
  6. Back (£30) Chest (£30)

Make up

We now offer occasion/party make up sessions at Bathsheba. We use a combination of Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Benefit and MAC to create an up to date look, expertly applied for your desired make over.
Make up – Freshen Up (£10)
Full Occasion Make Up (£25)

XEN TAN – Body Exfoliation and Manual Tan Application

If you would like a little extra colour this season, Bathsheba now offer a manual tanning treatment using XEN tan. We have had very pleasing results with this foam product, which produces a lovely, all over subtle tan effect. We also offer a XEN body exfoliation before the full body tanning.
Full body exfoliation and full body tan (£35)
Legs only exfoliation and tan (£25)
Full body tan only (£25)
Legs tan only (£15)

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